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Know People, For Real


So often, we waste time and money when hiring, training, or getting feedback. Wouldn't it be great if you had a fast, accurate tool to know people better?

We do!

We show how people's brains work. We collect actual data from people's brains and report back their skills, interests, and personality. We do this on-site with you, or over the web.


As a result, you can make smarter choices — faster, cheaper, easier, and with more confidence! Whether you are in business, education, counseling or entertainment, you can know your people, for real

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We're Here For You

We are a neurotech company that delivers insights for the workplace, classroom, livingroom, and beyond using unique proprietary software. Our next-generation software relies on EEG biosensors to empower personal and organizational performance.

Do you want a competitive, science-based leg-up and value-add
that complements your existing products and services?

Whether you are in education, media analysis, human resources, leadership training, counseling, or organizational behavior, we offer a powerful tool and customizable protocol to answer your questions.

When it comes to understanding people — employees, consumers, students, clients, and others — looking into the brain is the most scientific approach. It is far more direct than the best consumer test groups and pencil-paper self-assessments. Now you can benefit from neuroscience as a lever to greater understanding.

News & Events

Webinar: "Brains for Business" Thursday December 15, 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM Eastern USA (1pm Pacific, 10pm London, and Friday 8am Sydney)
Come see how the magic works at Brain-Insights, with a focus on communicating effectively, including convincing, presenting, and selling. An inside look with case studies. Only US $25. Register today!

Booklet: "Our Brains in Color" What if you could read the minds of your friends, family or coworkers? Imagine peering into your own brain in real time to learn how it truly works. Today we can! In this tour, you will delight in colorful images of the brain, its many facets and functions, and explore the promise of neuroscience to help us understand ourselves and others. Only US $16.95.

Our Clients & Partners

Attentional Inc
(Hollywood & London)

Brian Graden Media

Center For Vibrant Living

Conde Nast

Peak Health Centre

Mr. D Math

Skanska AB

The Wellness of OZ Yoga
(Los Angeles)

The World Federation of Khoja Shia Ithna-Asheri Muslim Communities (KSIMC)

How It Works

We work with you on-site or via the cloud to give personalized profiles or group analysis.

Personalized Profiles
via the Cloud

Our cloud service allows you to upload EEG data (gathered using inexpensive 3rd party products) and get back a personalized and objective report of skills and personality.

These reports:

  • are science based
  • offer specific advice on strengths with tips for success
  • complement your existing assessment tools
  • make a positive difference
  • are designed to be accessible and understandable
  • come with an audio tour and support materials
  • acknowledge cognitive diversity


Group Analysis
Tailored, On-Site

Our on-site service allows you to make the most of our team's expertise. We come to you, design a protocol with your questions and needs in mind, sample a focus group, and deliver an analysis.

The analysis:

  • is science based
  • reveals specific points of similarities and differences
  • can answer questions about the group's preferences and behaviors
  • takes a positive, non-polarizing approach
  • is understandable and actionable
  • comes with an audio/video overview and support materials
  • acknowledges cognitive diversity

What You Get

We have proprietary software that lets us generate PDF reports from EEG data. See three sample pages below. The reports include 3 "keys to success" in either the workplace or classroom. If you use one of our protocols or send us a copy of yours, you can make the results to "peak performance points." Finally, we offer a brain map, a pie chart, and other visuals to convey how your people are using their brains.

Sample Report Pages

Peak Performance Points Personal Compass to Success Top 3 Keys to Success

We also offer "Group Analysis". Typically, we test a dozen persons using a half-hour protocol that we develop to answer your specific questions. You receive a single 1-hour audio analysis with summary page that allows you to

Our Expertise: Our resident neuroscience researcher has 10 years experience in this area. We have experience with a whole organization of 65 people, small executive teams and counseling groups of 3 to 7 persons, and test audiences for TV pilots and news clips of political candidates. Our database includes almost 300 persons to-date.

Support Materials: We offer foldouts, posters, etc. that integrate the results with existing products for various applications (cognitive skills, emotional intelligence, leadership styles, etc.) These are written at an 8th grade reading level for ease of us. Your team can integrate the results with the Myers-Briggs 16 types, 4 social styles, and other models you may be using. We also offer a 48-page color booklet that excites and informs people about the brain.

About Us


Dario Nardi, PhD is based in Los Angeles. He is a senior lecturer at UCLA and owner of Radiance House, an established books and media Human Resources company. He's known for his book "Neuroscience of Personality", among many other titles. He speaks and runs workshops around the world, and he's offered brain imaging to the public since 2011. Contact Dario


Chris Cale, PhD is based in Florence, Italy. He has 23 years of experience as a teacher, counselor, principal, consultant, and university instructor. He focuses on a comprehensive personalized approach to learning based in solid educational and leadership principles. He is currently at Walden University, Argosy University, Personalized Learning Profile, LLC. Contact Chris


Kevin Cale: Kevin is based in New York City as Executive Creative Director at Inflexion Interactive. He has 18+ years of experience in all aspects of creative design and marketing communications. He is won many award and is known as a technologically savvy, inspirational leader with world-class marketing and design solutions. Contact Kevin


1) Biosensors: We use the "Epoc+" by Emotiv for most clients, or the "BrainMaster 24E" by BrainMaster as a premium service. The Emotiv EEG uses harmless saline and we suggest you set aside 1 hour per person. If we work on-site, we supply all of the technology. Or you may use your own laptop and EEG headset (the Epoc+ is $800) to gather data from subjects.

2) Protocol: We provide you with a protocol of tasks. It can be for learning, the workplace, or relationships. The protocol takes either 25 minutes (short) or 45 minutes (long) to complete, though we suggest you learn 1 hour between persons. We can provide you with a training video or seen a technician to conduct the sessions. The computer records the brain data as the person completes the protocol.

3) Report: You enter our cloud service and upload the EEG data along with the person's demographics and a time sheet. Our software then processes the data and provides your with a downloadable, personalized PDF report. The report is easy reading, visual, and includes specific how-to tips for learning, working, or relating. The report includes a generic audio tour.

4) Meaning: Report in hand, you may debrief your people, drawing on principles from our training video. Or your people may rely on our audio tour.

5) Pricing: Pricing varies with your needs and the length and complexity of reports. Our standard service is $49 per report via the cloud, or $99 in person plus secondary expenses. If you are in a developing market, we offer basic reports at a reduced price. Premium service is $245 per person plus $500 per half day of debriefing and applications.

Note: We do not diagnose or treat anything medical.

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